Fireman Intercom System (Pro-1200)

Fireman Intercom System

Fireman Intercom System (Pro-1200)

* FIre Alarm Panel Complied to MS 1745:Part 2: 2004
* Bomba Approved


In today safety-conscious society, the Fireman Intercom System, has proven to be an effective way in fighting the fire in any factory site or multi-storey building. Hence properties and lives can be saved in case of fire-emergency. The Fireman Intercom System from Program is designed using the state-of-art electronic system with full automatic switching and linkage between Master and all remotes with just one push of a button. The system has to be simple in use and user friendly because of the emergency situation during fire breakout.

The System consists of various modules :

  • Remote Handset c/w Supervisory and control module together with metal enclose.
    Code: PE-RHS-01
  • Master Handset Control, Panel C/W Trouble, Supervisory Unit and Battery, Charger Unit.
    Code: PE-MHC-01
  • Remote Handset Selector Panel.
    Code: PE-HSS-01
  • Diagram

Communication Makes Things Clear During Emergency

We can provide any system tailored to customer's requirement in terms of system size and applications. We have various models called PEXXX Series which is expandable to any size with multiple of 12.

Standard Features

  • Fully automatic one push button operation for conveniece and simplicity.
  • Two ways communications system.
    - Master calls Remotes
    - Remotes calls Master
  • A super-highway communication link because line never gets congested.
  • Conferencing is automatically established during normal conversation.